Discounts up to -30%

The old price list is valid only until 30 september 2023.

Buy your training package at a lower price and choose its activation date until February 2024.

Only now you can buy a selected training plan for 3, 6 or 9 months in our Special Offer. If you plan to start training in future, you can choose the DATE OF ACTIVATION of the promotional package. It will be the start of your training plan. A prerequisite for using the special offer is to pay for the selected package until its duration.

Meet our unique mobile App for managing training plans and learn about the rules of cooperation in our team.

Enter the code  TRAINSMART  during payment, and all prices for training packages will include discounts.

If you train with us and have a valid training package, after paying for the promotional package, the system will automatically extend the validity of your account by an additional number of days (90, 180 or 270).

The Special Offer for the training packages is valid until 30 September 2023.

Special offer price list


Why us?

The core of our App is an advanced CRM system, which we have constantly been developing since 2018. Our advantage is the technology that enables efficient and fast communication with athletes.

If you enter a note on your workout in the App, change the workout status, enter a new control test result, or change planned competitions, our team is immediately informed about any updates you make. This information will help us tailor the plan to your future needs.

  • Your training plan is tailored to your current performance, fitness level and athletic goals
  • Fast communication thanks to in-app notifications, E-MAIL, PUSH notifications and TEXT messages
  • Give your feedback – mark your workouts, a well-being assessment and notes on the calendar for yourself and your coach. Then, if you need to modify the training plan or have questions about the implementation, you can send a message via the contact form in the App.
  • A weekly update of your training plan on the day off of your choice, based on how you performed in the previous week.
  • Automatic workout export to Garmin Connect.
  • Contact via phone call – we prefer contact via the App, but if necessary, you can send us a message asking for a phone call, and we will call you back immediately.


Sync all workouts with the Garmin Connect calendar. Your training plan will synchronize on the selected day off with the selected Garmin watch or cycling computer.


New quality of swimming workouts. Define your pool length in the App.

Ease of performing even the most complex cycling training. Controlling the resistance of the bike home trainer based on the training assumptions suggested by the coach.

Run and enjoy your workout by following your coach’s assumptions. The watch will inform you how long to warm up, target interval pace, or rest time between legs.

How to join us?

Join our team and make your triathlon dreams come true, regardless of whether you want to finish your first race, start racing on a new distance or maybe fight for a place on the podium.

  1. Fill in your personal details and phone number inthe tab “Profile”.
  2. Refer to the “Terms of cooperation” and FAQ in the tab More”.
  3. Go to the “Profile” tab and click “MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT” to pay for the selected training package and start cooperation.
  4. Complete the Survey for a new athlete, which is also available in the tab More”. If you plan to start cooperation with a later date, fill out the survey just before the start of cooperation.


Can I switch to a higher package after payment for a promotional package?

You can switch to a higher package up to two months from the moment of activating the promotional package. After that, you have to pay only the price difference between the packages. Of course, it is also possible to change the package to a higher one later. Still, the surcharge will be proportional depending on how many months are left until the end of validity based on the standard price list when buying packages for 3 months – 5%, 6 months – 10%, 9 months – 20 %.

When should I start preparing for the competition?

The rule is simple – the sooner you start preparing, the better you can handle the race’s hardships. Remember that the form in a triathlon takes years to build, not based on seasonal rushes. Therefore, even if you take a break or choose a later date to activate the training package, you must remain in constant physical activity.

Does the plan include gym strength training?

At the moment, we are not writing strength training for fear of the health and injuries of athletes. It is easy to hurt yourself when you perform weight training incorrectly, and incorrectly performing movements during exercise can lead to serious health problems in the future. As long as we do not record instructional videos, we recommend that our athletes take advantage of the advice of a professional motor training coach in their area who has experience in working with triathletes.

Do you offer swimrun / duathlon training plans?

Yes, we also have athletes who use our App only for swimrun/duathlon training.

Are the workouts sent to the watch?

Yes, all disciplines except open water swimming are automatically exported to Garmin Connect. Sending workouts directly to the watch/computer at the moment only applies to Garmin watch users. However, you can establish a connection with Garmin Connect in the profile (in the application). By selecting Garmin Connect from the list below, a button in the shape of a switch will appear, clicking which you will be redirected to the login page in the Garmin Connect service. After logging in, you must agree to share data from the Garmin platform for our IM Inspiration application. Then, after returning to the profile tab, information that the connection is active will appear. Thanks to the connection summary, the workouts that we will arrange for you are automatically exported to Garmin Connect and available on your sports watch. We plan to integrate with Polar Flow, Suunto Movescount, Training Peaks, and Strava platforms next.

How to upload workout to the interactive bike trainer?

If you have a Garmin computer or watch that supports the ANT + FE-C protocol (ANT + Fitness Equipment Control, e.g. EDGE: 130 Plus, 520, 530, 820, 830, 1030, Forerunner: 745, 945, Fenix 6), you can use it to turn on selected cycling training sent from our application without additional software, and it will control the resistance of your interactive trainer.

Can I suspend a promotional training package?

Yes, but this option only applies to athletes who systematically implemented their training plan. In addition, the package may be suspended due to an injury or other important random situations. Therefore each application will be considered individually.

What is the maximum number of weekly training hours in each package?

The table below shows the approximate maximum number of weekly training hours in a preparation cycle:

* For full distance, we recommend choosing the MEDIUM package. Applications for full distance training with the BASIC package must be considered individually.
** With the BASIC package, it is not possible to prepare for ULTRA distances.

Is it possible to give up swimming training if I train under the supervision of a coach and what does it look like in terms of package selection and fees?

Resignation from swimming workouts does not affect the final price of promotional packages, but instead of swimming workouts, we can prepare additional cycling and running workouts for you. Of course, if you only have time to implement them.

Are there nutritional plans for training and competition included in the package?

Until introducing additional diet packages in the application, we will not provide individual plans.

When should I do control tests and what do they look like?

When buying a training package, you choose the date of its activation. This is the moment from which we will start preparing your workouts. In the last week before the start of cooperation, we will contact you to check whether you were in physical activity and what it looked like. On this basis, the coach will decide whether you can start the tests immediately and, if so, will enter them in your calendar in the App. Otherwise, you will receive an induction training plan for 1 or 2 weeks, and then follow-up tests will be introduced. You can find instructions on how the tests in individual disciplines look and properly conduct them in the App in the “Tips” tab.

If you have additional questions about the special oofer or the rules of cooperation, send us a message via the contact form available in the ``More`` tab.